Sustainability Program in Hospitality

Sustainability Corp

Sustainability, in this context, is viewed as a never-ending path that needs continuous innovation improvements and new goals. However, the path to sustainability does not require investing in new technology or more efficient equipment at the very first moment. First, it calls for knowledge and education. Intelligent companies have paved their way to sustainability by training their staff and then obtaining higher returns in profitability.


This 25 hours program program is developed in providing knowledge to your managers and employees to starting your sustainability path or to improve your sustainability practices. How can hospitality companies measure and reduce their carbon footprint? How can energy, water and waste be better managed? What is green marketing and how can companies communicate better their sustainability practices without being accused of greenwashing? We will also study the role models and see how these companies have increased their profits because of their committed sustainable strategy.

The purpose of this program is to get all employees, not just managers, emotionally connected and accountable to short-term and long-term environmental goals.

Sustainability Program


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