Leadership and Management Program


As Peter Drucker once pointed out: a manager’s first resource is people. And the human being is a unique resource requiring peculiar qualities in whoever –manager- attempts to work with it. Working with the “human being” should always mean that person to develop professionally. Indeed, the main objective of a manager is to lead, to enhance employees’ strengths and make their weaknesses irrelevant. Every manager, no matter in what position, should be experienced enough to accomplish this purpose -among other managerial objectives.

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Management is above all a practice; it is neither a science nor a profession. Leadership and management should be totally blended in this practice. We can divide them up conceptually but in practice both purposes should come together. Not doing so would be mismanaging.

This 25 hours program is aimed at middle managers and experienced employees who will become future managers. The course presents best management cases and role models with the goal of improving managerial skills and leadership abilities. How can companies sustain competitive advantages and deliver great services by developing strong cultures? How can managers develop high performance teams in hospitality? How can managers lead and manage for creativity and innovation in hospitality organizations?

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